NaNoWriMo poetry

Writing Month of November: NaNo, PAD, etc.

A little under 24 hours until NaNoWriMo begins; in general, it seems like this year has exploded with a lot of writing challenges across the web. I’ve seen a nonfiction challenge, a picture-book idea challenge, a reading challenge….gee whiz! While I’d love to participate in all of these writing challenges, I also must keep my sanity.

So I’ve decided that the only other writing project I will take on is the Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge. Although I don’t consider my poetry too great, I figure writing out poems alongside working on my new novel will be a good balance.

I love the motivational spirit I feel from this year: just a larger support group locally and online. I realize that I probably quit my novel early last year because I didn’t have much of a support group (and my story was driving me a little crazy).

Still no plot, but some characters are forming in my mind. Although no promises can be made, I would like to blog daily about my NaNo progress via this blog. At least then I’ll have another source of motivation, since you all will hold me accountable for my goal.

I always forget about Halloween these days, because my mind ends up skipping onward to November right away.