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The Knitty-Gritty of it all…

Scarf received from friend in Australia, 2008

(This post is not about the scarf in the picture btw)

I’ve been knitting a scarf since 2004. No, it is not the world’s longest scarf. More like: knitting has been an on-off hobby for me since then.

Initially, I became interested in knitting because I had a few college friends who enjoyed the art and were willing to teach me. I attempted to knit a scarf with my friend’s tools but then I gave up and unraveled that project.

The following semester, I wanted to buy my own knitting supplies and attempt a scarf again. So, my friend went to the store with me and we bought two skeins of yarn and knitting needles. I was set.

I worked on the scarf diligently for some time, but then I became frustrated and impatient. This takes forever. Why are some loops missing? Yeesh…

So then I set aside my knitting for a few years.

Time passed…nobody else around me showed interest in knitting post-graduation…

And then, my knitting instincts came back to me late last year when I met some like-minded folk through NaNoWriMo. “Let’s have a stitch-n-bitch night!” they suggested. So we did.

And my scarf has grown longer since then with my diligent practice. The skein has thinned out to the point where I can’t securely stick my needles in anymore. My parents look proud as they watch me knit away on my project, never giving up. “Just a little while longer until you can finish it,” my mother said.

So I’ve made myself the goal that I must finish this scarf before I get to Denver. I have less than a month. It doesn’t seem like such an unattainable goal anymore.