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The Great Urban Race in San Francisco

While I was working today, I saw a lot of people running by with race tag numbers on their shirts. A couple people actually stopped by the cart to buy something small, and I was able to read what was on their shirts: “The Great Urban Race.” The whole time during work, I kept wondering what this race was all about. San Francisco always has a ton of marathons/races going on all year round, and it’s so hard to keep track of.

Well, I just now looked up information about the Great Urban Race, and seems like it’s similar to the reality game show, The Amazing Race. The things that make it different, though, is that it’s only for one day–several races happen around the US in urban cities at different points of the year–and there are final championships in Las Vegas in November. Interesting! I guess there’s also no TV camera rolling–just fun times and for a good cause.

I wish I had known about this earlier, because I definitely would have wanted to sign up with a friend. Perhaps I will go for it next year? Something to think about, at least.