editing pen name Work in Progress

Progress coming along

Well, I am nearing the final chapters in Novel 1 with outlining; less than a month until the ABNA Contest, and of course I am feeling nervous and worried over whether I will have my novel ready in time to submit to the contest.

Yesterday, the first day of work back, one of my co-workers had asked me if I had time to write over the holidays. Sadly, no, although I suppose I do not regret the inactivity. Those two weeks were spent with my family, making valuable memories in our minds.

Of course, now that I am back in town and have to face reality once again, I realize that I need to make decisions regarding my writing “debut” into the Internet world. Before I left for my parents’ house, a friend of mine actually agreed to the idea of having a pen name for myself–it’d help solve my anxiety over having my full name plastered all over the Internet. I still want a sense of privacy after all. So, I have been brainstorming pen names–something witty yet still close enough to my real name to not alienate those who already know me.

So, because of this idea, and because I have been kept busy since I arrived back in San Francisco on Friday, I have been putting my plans on hold for a little bit. Don’t worry; I will be executing those plans soon enough.