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No Pudge Brownie Mix.

Ever heard of No Pudge! before?

I know I had heard of it before, but I ended up forgetting about it and was only reminded by an LJ friend a few weeks ago about the product. Basically, Ms. Lindsay H. Frucci developed a brownie mix that has zero fat in it. It’s quick and very simple to make–just add nonfat vanilla yogurt to the mix. The box also comes with directions on how to make single servings from the mix, which is great for someone like me who has a hard time practicing portion control.

I made myself a single serving today, and it was delectable. At first, I was skeptical on how it was going to taste since the brownie mix didn’t look so promising. I also did not have vanilla yogurt, only plain, but the box said I could use plain yogurt and add some vanilla extract. Easy substitution, no?

My friend had said that the calories are not so “forgiving” but I say, for crying out loud, the “prepared” calories are only 120! That is probably A LOT better than most other brownies/dessert treats out there (Come on, Trader Joe’s sells tiny cupcakes capping off at 400 calories per cupcake. I think that’s insane right there; that’s approximately 1/3 of the calories I need daily).

I bought the No Pudge! Brownie Mix at Trader Joe’s by the way. If it’s not available at your local store, I recommend just ordering online. Comes in four flavors: Original, Raspberry, Mint and Cappuccino. Try it out and let me know what you think.