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New month, 6 months.

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This past week: what a whirlwind. Things flew by so quickly that I didn’t even notice that Friday had come and gone until it was too late. Appointments, classes, cooking, etc. Amidst it all, I spent very little time on my computer, which to me is usually a good thing since I don’t like spending hours in front of the computer and over-thinking things.

Yesterday, July 31st, marked six months since that dark period of time for me. Exactly six months–my colleague had once told me how it takes up to six months to completely heal from everything that happens in a traumatic event. I was too quick to recover and be up and running again; little did I realize that my mind, my emotions, were slower to recuperate.
Can I say that I’ve healed a lot during this year? Yes, and no. At times there are still flashbacks, and it’s one of those periods in time where, as hard as we may try to forget about it, it’ll still linger in our minds. I suppose it doesn’t help that the trauma occurred on my birthday, so of course I can never forget it now.
But, really, what good does it do to continue dwelling upon this? Re-hashing the past, trying to think of ways things “could have been” if A didn’t happen or this and that–it’s no use. It just causes more emotional distress, trying to alter the past when that’s wholly impossible. It’s best to continue walking along on this path and just look forward. Keep looking forward and don’t look back.
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