Hot Dog Days mistake Work Diaries

Mistakes at work.

Well, the first mistake at work happened on Thursday, and although it was a small mistake, unfortunately it is publicly known from this point forward.

Basically, I didn’t keep the temperature high enough to cook the hot dog meat when the health inspector came by. And although we still got an “A” score, it was not a perfect score, and it was a major offense in the books.

I felt really devastated and freaked out for a moment, but I think we all had to step back for a moment and re-evaluate things, put things into perspective. Nobody is perfect; we all know that. Despite my overall good performance so far at the carts, a mistake was bound to happen sooner or later. Thankfully, my manager and boss both realized this and said that next time I should be more careful; but in the end, we all make mistakes. Mistakes happen so that we may learn from them.

Actually, today it seemed that the issue already kind of became a joke amongst us; seems that things are okay for now again. I am going to be more careful with the temperature now, and seems that there will be new rules/procedures in effect within the next month to make sure that such a mistake will not happen again. We all learned from this incident; now we hope that it will not happen again.