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Magnet Poetry

I’ve had these magnetic sets of words for probably over ten years now–only in the past year did I decide to finally break them out and use them on my refrigerator. I stuck some words together last year, thinking they sounded clever, and didn’t think much of them until last night, when a friend was reading over the “poems” and said, “Wow, how thought-provoking!”

The poem she was referring to:

Could Virtue Cry
Other Sublime Sight
Guarantee Moon Until Twilight
Whether Death Together

Another poem I read out loud and never realized it rhymed until last night:

Timbuktu Never Uptight
When Above Kalamazoo
Sing The Fight

And not to leave out anything from the picture above, the last poem featured in the bottom part of the picture:

Oh Bad Afternoon
Try By Desire
Art Kissed Time
Too Blue Smile

I’m sure there have been some pretty good poems constructed out of those magnetic sets; I just threw together some words that sounded okay together, not really thinking about any of it. Then again, I suppose that’s the best way to get inspired: just let the unconscious (subconscious?) open mind take over.