Japan politics President

Japan has a city named Obama.

Like I previously stated, I am not one to really talk much about politics, but since it’s been on the news so much lately (due to the Primaries), thought I might share this interesting tidbit:

Apparently, Japan has a city named “Obama”. It makes sense, since “Obama” is a Japanese-sounding name anyway (I also realize it sounds Middle-Eastern, too; in fact, I think that’s the origin of Obama’s surname). Anyway, I read on Yahoo! about how the city in Japan is hoping for Obama to win the U.S. Presidency so they can promote more tourism to their city. Amusing to read that none of the people living in Obama are eligible to vote in the U.S. Presidency (I assume they are all Japanese citizens there).

I guess we shall see if their wishes will come true? I had never heard of this city before, but now I may consider visiting it when I go to Japan next time.