My San Francisco Chronicles observation

Interesting Facts about San Francisco

Since the hot dog carts are “buddies” with the people who own the double-decker tour buses in front of Macy’s, I was able to score free passes for me and my sister today to tour a bit of the city.

Riding the tour bus made me feel a little strange, yet also more appreciative of San Francisco. I actually learned a bit of facts/history of the city that I hadn’t really known before; here are a few tidbits that I can remember:

– North Point Street used to be the northernmost point in San Francisco; Beach/Jefferson blocks were built upon landfill.

– The Marina is built all upon landfill, which means, during earthquakes, the ground there is least stable; becomes “like quicksand”.

– Pacific Heights is the most expensive neighborhood in the city.

– Cow Hollow used to actually have a lot of cows/farms there until all the “rich people” demanded that the farms be removed from the city (way back when).

– Only one cemetery exists in San Francisco (San Francisco National Cemetery); most San Franciscans graves are located in Colma, a small town in the South Bay.

I’m trying to rack my brain for more facts, but unfortunately have forgotten a lot. It was nice to see more of the northwestern part of the city (Marina/Cow Hollow/Presidio); these were areas I hadn’t really had much chance to check out just yet.