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Ignorant people on the bus.

Today I felt very irritated in the morning while I was riding on the bus. Around Columbus and Union, three men got on the bus and were being so very rude. From the way they dressed and acted, I could tell they were from a very rural area in the US, and it really infuriated me to hear them being so openly ignorant. They were making fun of a Hispanic woman talking on her cell phone, and kept making snide remarks about the minorities in San Francisco.

Um, excuse me? You want to talk about being racist/ignorant in a city where diversity rules? I was so seriously pissed off when I got off the bus, because it just angered me: why were these men here in San Francisco and badmouthing minorities? I felt like they were completely out-of-place and that they were just here to cause trouble. Really, when we were all on the bus, they were probably the minority on the bus…yet they insisted on being bigots and being rude about Chinese and Hispanics.

Yes, please, just go back to where you came from, because we don’t need people like you in San Francisco.