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How Do You Say My Name?

I used to be quite sensitive when it came to how people would pronounce my name.

(I’m feeling a little deja-vu writing this….have I talked about this before?)

When I was in elementary school, I became upset around Valentine’s Day..ALL THE TIME. This was mainly because we were to exchange V-Day cards with our classmates…and none of my classmates ever spelled my name right.





– sad face –

Growing up, it’s always been an issue when I introduce myself–somehow people never know how to pronounce “Helene”.





I must say my name strangely or something. When it came to meeting people only once, I’d let them say “Helen” because it was easier to let them say that than to correct them & never meet them again.

I used to get prickly about closer friends saying “Helen”.

Over the weekend, I realized that it doesn’t matter. My mentor and her family called me “Helen” the whole evening I was at their house. I found the way they said “Helen” was very endearing. And I didn’t have the heart to correct them.

After that night, I wondered if there’s a way for me to stylize my name; make it into “Helen/e” so people can call me either interchangeably. It’s a weird thought. But it’s possible. “Helen” is growing on me, although I prefer “Helene” more because of its uniqueness.

Well, we shall see….