Review Time

hint (water) Lives Up to its Name.

I had noticed the advertisements for “hint” water for the past few months, since their ad is plastered on the back of the double decker bus in Union Square. Only recently, I took the time to look up product information online and to search for where I could buy the drinks.

Lo and behold, hint is sold at Whole Foods, so I took the liberty to buy the four available flavors. From first taste, all I can say is: they certainly live up to their name. I had the Pomegranate Tangerine flavor, and yes indeed, the fruit flavors were just a hint; just right if you ask me. The drink itself is still plain water, but has that added hint of flavor. Haha, I bet the hint staff must have a party every day with their puns upon their product name.

As stated before, hint is available at Whole Foods, and also at Stop & Shops, Sprout’s, Wild Oats, Big Bear, Earth Fare, Ralph’s, Giant, Dierbergs, Mrs. Greens & HEB. If none of those stores are available near you, look into ordering the drink online at hint‘s own website (! So far, I feel pretty satisfied with the drink since there’s no added preservatives/sugar/etc. It’s probably the only drink out there right now that definitely lives up to its standards. Kudos!