#foodie Japan Japanese food restaurant

Haiti Cafe in Shinjuku.

Spent the day out with friends; I basically had an “International” meal day. For lunch, I met with some friends and we ate Indian food. For dinner, I was with another group of friends, and we were walking around the streets of Shinjuku, trying hard to find a decent/fun place to eat. We came upon this restaurant called Haiti Cafe; Haitian food. This was a new one for all of us!

So we walked in, and the atmosphere was very island-like with some voodoo statues and such. The menu was probably a fusion of Japanese and Haitian flavors–I ordered a curry actually–but, it was still new and interesting to us all. We felt really amused by the experience; at the end of the meal, we were served coffee, which came with rum to mix in. Interesting!