Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s

So I actually got word of this event yesterday through one of the online forums I frequent: today, Ben & Jerry’s was offering free one-scoop of ice cream in either a cone or cup.

To me, it sounded rather too good to be true; after all, who gives away free ice cream like that without losing a ton of profit?

Well, later on I found out that this event was for their 30th birthday; I guess that makes sense. Plus, while I was waiting in line, the workers were actually taking donations, too.

I went to the Ben & Jerry’s in downstairs Macy’s and the line wrapped around part of the food court area. I felt a little bad for the other businesses there–Jamba Juice, Tom’s Cookies, Boudin, etc.–they were getting really little business due to the frenzy for free Ben & Jerry’s.

Actually, I found something amusing before I went and got my own cone: while working at the hot dog cart outside of Macy’s, around noon I noticed a huge slew of Cantonese kids walking by with some chaperones. All of them were headed towards Macy’s–no doubt for the ice cream. I pointed this out to one of my co-workers and she responded: “Man, that’s so cheap. Taking a field trip to Ben & Jerry’s to get free ice cream.” I had to laugh at that, since, despite my parents/relatives coming from the Canton/Guangdong region in China, I had to admit that it was so true that most people from that region are rather cheap when it comes to certain things. Why else do you think Chinatown prices are so marked down? And where else do you think I get this whole “must save money…this/that is too expensive for me!” mindset? (I jest, really).

Anyway, I felt like all the people walking out of Macy’s were mocking me with their free cones, so after my shift ended, I had to go get myself a free cone. Instead of getting my usual (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough), I decided I would try something new since I wasn’t even going to pay for the ice cream this time. I tried the Cheesecake Brownie: yummy combination. I feel like I should have discovered this flavor earlier! Well, I was also wanting this yellow-looking flavor that I saw several people eating, but I didn’t have enough time to look over the full menu. I guess next time I’ll order that flavor, just to see how it tastes like.

I was tempted to go to another Ben & Jerry’s by the Wharf, but I decided I shouldn’t be such a pig, haha. After all, despite how yummy ice cream is, it’s still junk food, haha.