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Fog Rolls On In.

Well, the warm temperatures are gone from the city as of today: when I woke up, there was fog (typical of San Francisco), and the temperatures were chillier, around 50 degrees in the morning. The afternoon did not seem to change much, staying around upper 50s/lower 60s.

This type of weather seemed to keep the crowds in today since the carts were all very slow with business; I actually only worked 3 hours today since the second vendor had already come in at noon and we definitely did not need two vendors at the cart. We made measly tips as well.

This got me wondering: What is the “perfect hot dog weather”? When do people feel the most in the mood to eat a hot dog? The warmer temperatures did not seem to draw the crowds in, at least not to the hot dogs; people more so ordered drinks or the soft frozen lemonade. The cooler temperatures do not bring in the customers as much as we’d like, either. So I don’t understand–when is the best time (weather-wise) to have a hot dog?