Review Time

Enviga: Does it burn calories?

Lately I have taken interest in the Enviga green tea drink. It boasts that it can help “burn calories”, but that’s only one reason why I have taken interest in it. I also just wonder–does it taste good?

I remember when the drink first came out, Nestle/Coca-Cola were advertising the drink as having “negative calories”. This caused a lot of controversy in the health industry, with specialists saying that it’s “impossible” for any food/drink to have negative calories (at least, processed foods/drinks; I do believe celery has negative calories?). So it seems that the company has now taken on the approach that the drink helps “burn calories” instead.

I tried the berry flavor last weekend and liked the crisp taste of the green tea. Well, I cannot really say it was “tea” anymore since there was barely any hint of the actual green tea in the drink. Do I know if I burned calories from drinking the drink? I’m not exactly sure…

On the can itself, it states that “three cans per day of enviga have been shown to increase calorie burning by 60-100 calories in healthy normal weight 18-35 year olds.” So, in order to burn up to just 100 calories, one has to consume three cans in one day. Which means, roughly each can burns around 35 calories a day.

Hardly enough to make much of a difference in terms of burning calories; for someone looking to lose weight/watch their diet, best bet would be to exercise more and consume less food/drink calories (within a reasonable range).

I personally find enviga just to be a fun drink for me to drink every once in awhile; it’s not like I will subscribe to the theory of it helping me to burn calories. I can probably burn more calories if I added ice to the drink (ice cubes actually do help you burn more calories, according to the Mindless Eating book I read earlier this month).