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End of the week; extra notes.

Well, it’s been one of “those” weeks, but surprisingly I have managed to stay upbeat about things. Tonight I finally got around to purchasing my domain via DreamHost, so I am hoping by tomorrow I will be able to start playing around with creating my homepage. I’ll need to get back into creating graphics of some sort.

The movable outline stage of the editing process is moving along well (no pun intended, perhaps). Since I have a long weekend ahead of me, I aim to finish my outline by tomorrow or Saturday and start shuffling the cards. Originally, I was going to seek out plot advice from a larger group of people, but I think now I will only share it with a few people whom I trust.

In terms of the writing realm, my confidence in my story weaving has dropped a little during this week, perhaps from my general moodiness of the week. Also, I began reading Howard Mittelmark’s and Sandra Newman’s book, How NOT To Write A Novel, and I realize a lot of the elements they list in the book are in fact in my first draft. But, I keep reminding myself, that I still am working off of my first draft, not my final. I know I have a long way to go to polish the novel off, so I know I cannot get myself down over my first draft. Besides, I already see a lot of characters in the novel that need to be “killed off” for the re-write.

I wrote a piece of flash fiction last night and found myself rolling into confusion over the different types of work I can produce. For the longest time, I just kept referring to my shorter pieces as “short stories”, when in fact, they are supposed to be labeled “flash fiction”. I’ve been perusing WikiHow lately with their writing articles, and have refreshed my memory on the different writing techniques and so forth. Of course, this weekend I am going to reserve one day to go to the public library and do more research on writing/how to get published/etc. It will indeed be a scholarly weekend for me.

Well, here’s to the end of this week, and knowing that I survived.