Do you have clutter in your home?

I have just recently cracked open my library book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston. For quite awhile now, I remember how feng shui used to be “super trendy” especially in my teen magazines when I was in high school. I never really got into exploring feng shui until recently; don’t ask me why, but I guess I just never took interest in it until now.

I feel I usually don’t consider myself as someone who has clutter/is messy, but once I began reading this book, I realize that–yes, indeed, I have clutter just like anyone else.

We all have clutter lurking somewhere in our homes, and because of this clutter, perhaps we’re being held back in trying to pursue our dreams.

So, I have begun to really clear out a lot of things I realize I have been keeping for too long for no apparent reason. Some things I keep out of fear of needing use out of them “some day”; some things I have kept because they remind me of people in my past…but these people I now want to forget about.

There’s a big pile of stuff I am going to donate soon; perhaps I wouldn’t have felt motivated to clear this clutter out if I hadn’t cracked open this book.