#foodie Japan restaurant

Denny’s in Japan.

I had a friend tell me before that the Denny’s in Japan is much more different from the Denny’s in the US. Granted, I kind of assumed that most things exported to Japan were different from the US versions, but my curiosity was piqued.

Well, indeed, the Denny’s in Japan was quite different. For starters, they had morning/lunch/evening menus, as opposed to having an all-day menu. The breakfasts are a mix of Western and Japanese breakfasts; I decided to try the traditional-style Japanese breakfasts since after all, I am in Japan.

This breakfast was the bacon/egg breakfast set. Bacon and eggs are more American, but they were made the Japanese way (eggs a little runny, the bacon with some fat intact). I enjoyed eating them with the rice and the nattou (fermented soybeans). I know I certainly left Denny’s with a full and happy stomach.