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Daily Post Day 7: Memorable Job Interviews

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During 2007 – 2008, went through a lot of interviews. Many were less-than-stellar (I was fresh out on the job market after all), and some were just plain strange. But, throughout all the interviews, I learned a few things:

– Do your research as thoroughly as possible

– Show enthusiasm!

– If the job doesn’t look like it’ll be fun, be honest (yet polite) about it and bow out gracefully.

I once had a prospective employer ask me point-blank, “Do you really want this job? Do you see yourself working in this little office day-in, day-out? If not, you won’t hurt my feelings.” She probably had interviewed many others before so she was well-seasoned with facial expressions and such. I probably looked scared and not so thrilled about the position.

I had a very short interview once because the computer system was down in the office. However, I was immediately hired; later on my manager told me how I just emanated positivity from just the brief encounter. Good to know.

My most recent interview (in late 2008) that got me my previous job was memorable for the mere fact that my note-taking skills sure got me the job position. The owner of the business was impressed with my attention to their responses and how I came prepared with questions. I remember feeling so nervous about this job though, since I had to go through three different interviews before I finally got the phone call to go in and start working.

Well, we all go through this motions in our lives. I’m glad I got to learn so much from the interviews I have received.