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Cafe Jr./Italian Tomato.

I remember going to this cafe a lot when I was a student in Japan. There was a Cafe Jr. by the Ontakesan station (where my guest house was), so I’d frequent the cafe a lot, ordering their pizzas and iced lattes.

Going back to the Cafe Jr. in Harajuku made me feel nostalgic, since I remember going here a few times with some friends. This time, however, I was alone, and I did feel a little lonely thinking about memories. This pizza was the first somewhat ‘healthy’ thing I was able to eat in a few days–the pizza had vegetables on it, which made me feel a bit happy.

I made the mistake of sitting upstairs with the smoking section, though. I was trying to just find a better seat for myself, but in turn, I ended up sitting with all the smokers. There were two young schoolgirls sitting a few seats away from me; one girl had a rather husky voice, which amused me. I don’t think they were smoking either; probably just wanted a comfortable, somewhat private place to sit and chat.