#amreading Marketing Interests

Adland, by Mark Tungate

Been reading this book for the past few weeks–I checked it out from the SF Public Library at the beginning of January and was planning on renewing it, but seems somebody else has already put the book on hold. So last night, today, tomorrow, and early Saturday morning I am going to be speed reading through the book in order to finish it. I think I have some sort of reading problem in recent years–maybe some mild form of ADD. I read passages, and sometimes my mind blanks out while reading and then I have to re-read the passage several more times until I can fully comprehend the material. Strange.

Anyway, reading this book has made me realize that I really did not know much about the world of advertising before. I feel like some of this history of advertising should have been taught to me in school, but I guess professors assumed we students would pick stuff up by ourselves. It’s too bad that my college did not have a specific advertising program, at least not when I was in school–it probably would have helped me more if I had more of focus in subject than just skimming across the top of the very broad topic of marketing.