Daily Post Day 73: A Sentence from the nearest book

Not the actual book nearest to me...

The book closest to me right now:

“Thirty-four cyclists, separated into four groups, participated in the study.”

— From Racing Weight Quick Start Guide

(Gee, that line seems so lackluster to feature…oh well.)

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Daily Post Day 72: My Favorite Classes in School

Some of my favorite classes in high school and undergraduate years were my foreign language classes. I always excelled in Spanish and Japanese; rarely did I feel like I struggled with the classes, except maybe for the grammar. I always pulled through the classes with near-perfect grades. Heck, if it weren’t for my great grade in Japanese when I studied abroad in 2006, I wouldn’t have received the transfer credits from overseas!

In undergraduate studies, I also enjoyed going to all my marketing classes. I felt excited to attend each class and work on new group projects. However, I was also annoyed when I ended up having to pull most of the weight on projects because my classmates were not motivated enough. There are plenty of instances I can think of from those final two years of group projects: in one group project, we made a skit out of some Barbie dolls for our consumer behavior project. There were several disagreements/arguments in the groups, mainly over how we all perceived who was the leader or who seemed to not do enough, etc.

Despite my tendency to be an introvert, I did really well with group presentations. I surprised all of my group mates when I was the first to present for one project. I was always shaky and nervous in the practice run-throughs…but on the day of the presentation, I shined through.

“It was like Helene was a completely different person!” I remember my classmate telling the professor.

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Daily Post Day 71: Nuts About Haiku (& Food)

Soft, tasty morsels

Not widely available

Mochi is heaven.

— Helene Kwong (see photo for reference)

#foodie funny

Daily Post Day 70: The War Between Chocolate and Vanilla

In one corner stands Vanilla!

In the other corner, Chocolate!

Who will win this match today?

We shall see…

Vanilla comes running up to the center in full force. Chocolate follows Vanilla’s moves and smacks its limbs upon the ground to intimidate Vanilla.

Vanilla doesn’t seem scared.

They mash into each other and fight.

“I’m much better than you will ever be!” screamed Chocolate.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” replied Vanilla nonchalantly. Vanilla flicks Chocolate between the eyes.

“Ouch…” Chocolate falls backwards. Vanilla claims the victory!

The crowd goes wild.

Work Diaries

Daily Post Day 69: Ideal Work Location

If I could work from anywhere, it’d be from all over the world.

Oh…sorry. Is that not such an original answer?

Well, I’ll admit it isn’t, but it’s much easier to execute this lifestyle these days with technology. Telecommuting, virtual assistants, etc.

Why sit in an office all day when you could be out traveling and doing work wherever your heart desires?

I’d certainly love that.


But….realistically. My ideal work location would be a big city/metro area. Perhaps maybe not the larger metro areas in this country, but something second-tier (in terms of population, etc.). A mix of nature and city life all wrapped up in one.

(By the way, I’ve already found that place I believe…)