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Daily Post Day 68: An Inspirational Book

A book that changed my life in the past five years was Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. I borrowed the book from my friend and I devoured the whole thing in only a few days.

The storyline was simple but at the same time so much of it made sense. I felt so inspired after reading the book that I vowed to myself I would live my life the same as the protagonist did: Follow my dreams, trust my gut, and don’t look back.

Slice of Life

Daily Post Day 67: Childhood memory of a VCR

My brother & me, circa late 1980s/1990s

Video tape was stuck in the VCR.

“What should we do?” asked my brother.

We were both under ten years old, unsure of what choices we had.

“We should..we should keep watching the video until it pops out!”

So then we spent a full night, watching the movie Cool Runnings over and over again. By the time dawn arrived, we had many lines memorized.

You’d like to see your face on a Wheaties box!

Come on, Jamaica: say someSING.

Our aunt woke up and asked us why we weren’t asleep.

“Dunno,” we replied.

Then suddenly, magically, the video tape popped out of the VCR in the morning.



Daily Post Day 66: Slang I Loathe

Slang: I don’t really think much about it. These days, so much slang I grew up with is now commonplace. Dude, ain’t it for real.


I can tell you which slang words I do not like though. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading the word “FAIL” as a noun: “That is a total fail.” Or “They have major FAIL written all over their sign!”


It sounds so wrong. It grates my nerves especially when I read the word in a respected media outlet. I once had a debate with a friend about why or why not the usage should be considered “correct English” since so many people use it. “But I don’t like it!” I remember telling her. “But, if so many people use it, shouldn’t it be correct?”

Sigh. I give up.

I also feel irritated when I see people use the word “bestie”. It has the same number of syllables as “best friend”! Why use such an unnecessary shorthand.

Sigh. But of course, since these have become so commonplace, shouldn’t they be accepted then?


Daily Post Day 65: Reading Minds For A Day

Creep into others’ minds. Don’t we all want that?


For one full day, I’d want to read my loved ones’ minds. That would add to the cacophony already happening in my own mind. It would be troublesome: hearing all their thoughts as we talked, knowing what they really thought about me and other people we know.

Seething inner thoughts not uttered…it would be intriguing if not detrimental.


Life Decisions

Daily Post Day 64: Better to Be Sorry Than Safe

When is it better to be sorry than safe?


When you know the experience will never be there again.


Which almost always happens. We may never realize the special unique moments in our lives until they pass us by.


That impulsive feeling struck me a lot starting in my undergraduate studies. And now that I look back on the adventures I had then, I am glad that I went ahead with risks, even if they made me feel sorry later.


I don’t regret any decisions I have made, because I have learned from each and every moment.


So live each day and don’t be sorry with the choices you make.