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Nothing lyrical this time; purely updates.

My mind is spinning right now. Clearly, my usual Wednesday post has been moved off to today, Thursday.

Yes, I suppose I have reached a slight writer’s block for this week’s post, but there also have been many ideas whirling around in my mind.

One thing I would like to mention for the time being: I am the queen of winning conference passes via Twitter this year. Folks, you’d be surprised at how you, too, can also win opportunities like that, just by being more aware of who you are following.

Also, the past couple weeks I have been able to finally figure out my asking price for my writing services. Stay tuned for updates on those services, and please spread the word to your friends.

Finally, I am offering some “Pick My Brain” sessions for anyone interested. You can read more about that on a new page soon.

Off to finish the first full week of June. I can’t believe it is already June!

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Daily Post Day 72: My Favorite Classes in School

Some of my favorite classes in high school and undergraduate years were my foreign language classes. I always excelled in Spanish and Japanese; rarely did I feel like I struggled with the classes, except maybe for the grammar. I always pulled through the classes with near-perfect grades. Heck, if it weren’t for my great grade in Japanese when I studied abroad in 2006, I wouldn’t have received the transfer credits from overseas!

In undergraduate studies, I also enjoyed going to all my marketing classes. I felt excited to attend each class and work on new group projects. However, I was also annoyed when I ended up having to pull most of the weight on projects because my classmates were not motivated enough. There are plenty of instances I can think of from those final two years of group projects: in one group project, we made a skit out of some Barbie dolls for our consumer behavior project. There were several disagreements/arguments in the groups, mainly over how we all perceived who was the leader or who seemed to not do enough, etc.

Despite my tendency to be an introvert, I did really well with group presentations. I surprised all of my group mates when I was the first to present for one project. I was always shaky and nervous in the practice run-throughs…but on the day of the presentation, I shined through.

“It was like Helene was a completely different person!” I remember my classmate telling the professor.