#amwriting poetry

Set aside; time for poetry (again)?



The month of March is winding down in a couple of days, and April will then begin. This month has been quite a bit of coasting without writing. Then again, a lot of changes in my environment have been happening. It’s not an excuse; merely an observation.

Today I shuffled away my folder of short story drafts into my writing file; it was taking up space on my desk. I find it hard to focus when I have something in my presence (e.g., my writing on my desk) which my subconscious knows I should be progressing upon but I’m not; therefore, I just need it out of my sight for the time being. I’ve stopped penning in time for my rewrite the past couple of weeks; maybe I just need a refresher, some time away from all the writing. Well, at least, time away from the longer pieces.

I signed up for April’s Poem-A-Day Challenge on Facebook (via friend Robert Brewer); last year, I wrote a poem a day during the month of June, completely unaware that a challenge in April was available for me to participate in. These days, poetry is harder to write since I’m so used to writing longer passages. When I was younger, after I put my short story experiments away (perhaps it’s a cycle…), I dabbled in poetry for a couple years, writing up short books of poetry to print out and show to my family and friends. Then, that poetry phase went away as well…

We’ll see how the month of April pans out with this challenge. Sometimes I just need to have that feeling that others around the world are doing the same thing with me, that I can’t just put it off “for another day”. Here’s hoping for some sparks to come through.