#amwriting Slice of Life

The irony of the months.

It seems like I hit a bit of a dry spell each month when it comes to overall inspiration. No, I wouldn’t think it’s because of “that” time of the month, but it seems to be a monthly thing for me nonetheless. Last month, around this same time, I lost motivation/inspiration for doing much writing or anything else that involved creativity. And here I am, one month later, feeling about the same. My grocery shopping this week has been uninspired, yawn-inducing for me.

It’s ironic to me, in many ways: lately I have been doing more things that are out-of-the-ordinary from my routine, e.g., going out and discovering different local events. Most of the time, I go out alone since I feel a strange sense of comfort for doing things on my own rather than having a friend around and feeling like I have to accommodate their wishes. There’s just more of a sense of freedom involved when I am able to decide what I want to do with my free time.

So, one would think that with the explorations I have done recently, I would find some inspiration for writing, for cooking, and so forth. But no, not really; it’s already good enough that I’m able to find material to continue to blog with, but in terms of writing stories/finally beginning on that rewrite of Novel 1, I hit a block. Same goes for cooking.

Some say there’s no such thing as Writer’s Block; the muse is just missing, and I just have to hunt it down in order to start writing again.