Reflection upon writing

As I look around me, not only do the seasons change, but again, I find myself looking within and wondering where the time has gone.

I at least got some time in yesterday with the Poem-A-Day Challenge at Poetic Asides. It just feels nice to get some words down, even if they’re not the best. It’s a little nerve wracking having others read my work-in-progress poem, but it’s also humbling. I believe that oftentimes the best work may be created on a whim with only the thoughts of the moment; in other words, no real thinking. It may be a controversial view for me to express, but at least for myself I find this theory true. When I didn’t put much thought into writing for NaNoWriMo, I just found the words flying out with abandon and filling up the pages of my novel. Some parts I could have done without, but other parts surprised me with how they came about at the spur of the moment.

Living in the moment is the best, after all.