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NaNoWriMo: Day 4 & Other Thoughts

So all the NaNoWriMo world is upset over what’s Laura Miller had said about the month’s endeavor. There’s already enough commentary out there about why NaNoWriMo is great, so all I’ll say is this: just goes to prove that, again and again, people are afraid of what they do not know. They would rather bash it, dismiss it, etc. rather than open their eyes and minds to educating themselves about unfamiliar topics. We can say this about anything that’s been happening in the world: the story of the mothers denouncing one mother’s child for dressing as a woman for Halloween; my landlord last year for blasting and blaming my brother and me about a problem in our apartment that she was unfamiliar with; and so forth. What we need more of these days is just open minds and education. Get out of that comfort zone. Really learn and try to empathize.

But enough about that. Seems like I really hit the pavement running on Monday, but the past couple of days my word count has been more or less just barely going over the daily target of 1,667 words. I also find that I can type out a lot of words nonstop in only 10-minute increments; tried for 20 minutes straight today but I could not focus that long. Hmm. Will have to work on that.

The dreaded second week of the month-long endeavor is coming, but I am prepared. My novel so far is actually not as pieced together as the first two years, but that is okay. I know that I just need to get myself writing longer works again since in this past year I have focused more on short fiction. I continue to put off my editing/revising of my completed first drafts, but I know I will get to them soon.