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NaNoWriMo: Day 5 & i live here: SF Opening

Yikes. I am writing this after midnight because the server was not responding earlier. Well, anyway, you get the point–this is about Day 5.

I did not write as much today; only made it to 1,083 words for today, but I’m still slightly ahead of the recommended total with 9,035 words. I was able to get myself writing for twenty minutes straight though, although I was slightly distracted a couple of times.

I still am not sure where I am going with my novel though. I know, no plot, no problem, right? It is just comforting to me to see that I am making more effort to write each day, even if everything doesn’t really make sense. First drafts are perfect for babble.

Today was a day of a lot of tasks, and then, to make the evening wonderful, I went to my friend Julie’s “i live here:SF” opening reception. I had participated in the project last October, and my, have the times changed! It was so delightful to see all of her prints up in the sprawling studio space and just meeting up with new and old friends. I was reminded of how I was inspired to get back to my writing again.

I will write a follow-up to my “i live here:SF” story when it is time to leave.