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Reality TV Celebrity-dom

So it seems like reality television is really riding on its high wave as of late. I know I am behind on the whole ‘trend’ but still–seems like every channel I click to, there’s at least one reality TV show going on, if not gazillions! It’s gotten to the point where I feel like the market has become super saturated–as much as all these TV networks want to make money off of new “shows” through this genre, I think they’re really running dry at this point.

I wonder how exactly one of those shows work. Obviously most of the shows are pre-taped so the editors/producers can extract only the juiciest/most interesting parts of reality. The people who sign up to participate–are they doing the show because they want some quick fame? It’s crazy–I’ve been following the show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” and…although I enjoy watching the show and have really become captivated by it, it amuses me how all the participants from the show are now all of the sudden super-celebrities (well, at least on the web). When will their 15 minutes of fame be up? It’s just insane to me–you do a dating show, but in the end, what do you get out of it and what was it that you sought before you joined? Fame? Or really, true love?

In some ways I guess I kind of want to be on a reality TV show, but in many other ways, I’m quite content being Ms. Anonymous to the world.

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Devotion/True Love

There’s a high I get when I know I am making someone else happy through gifts or loving gestures. Sometimes I wonder whether I really do all of this out of pure love/devotion or if I do it only in vain.. I say to myself that I want to do it all out of selfless love, but at the same time, I secretly hope for reciprocation sometime. It doesn’t have to be immediate; it can be built over time.

I tend to do this, give my all, and many times I have been hurt as a result of my giving nature. Still, there aren’t any regrets through these actions–I did what I had to do, and whatever the results are, I am happy with them.

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There is something about Dir en grey‘s music and lyrics that just makes me tremble with emotion. All of their songs are so artistically written, so wonderfully sung; most of their songs are of depressing/morbid nature, yet somehow I can overlook that factor and appreciate their music for what it is: pure genius.

The five men put so much passion into their music and it shows. Their newest song, “DOZING GREEN,” definitely doesn’t disappoint me at all. I have been listening to it frequently since its 10.24.07 release date, and I fall in love with it more and more. Kyo’s imperfect voice, strung full of passion and emotion, just sings out a lot of loaded lyrics that mesmerizes me.

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Thai Tea Pearl.

I have been on a quest for a good yet cheap Thai Tea w/Tapioca Pearl (aka Thai Tea Boba). I first discovered this tasty boba flavor about a couple of months ago at a Vietnamese cafe in the Financial District. The tea was just the right sweetness and the pearls were plentiful. Unfortunately, the price made me gasp a little–$4.15 for the large. A little pricey…

So last week I decided I would go the cheap route and try Quickly’s Thai Tea to see if the cheap price of the drink was still worth it. I tried it–it tasted like it was just Milk tea, not actual Thai iced tea. Plus, the lid was hard to puncture through and it spilled on my jacket/jeans. Sigh. I guess it was good for $2.15, but I was disappointed with the flavor.

Yesterday I was in L.A. and ate Thai food for lunch. That restaurant was the first Thai restaurant that offered Thai Tea w/Boba, so I was excited. I ordered it and tried it–the drink was good, no doubt, but the tapioca was hard to get to because of the crushed ice (instead of cubed) that they used. Sigh. I was a little disappointed with that aspect since the pearls didn’t really go through the straw when I was still sipping the drink. The pearls ended up staying at the bottom of the cup, unable to escape the layer of crushed ice. I had to manually catch each tapioca pearl after I was finished with the Thai iced tea. Disappointment once again.

Oh well; I guess the Vietnamese cafe prices their pearl drinks that way because their drinks are a little more high quality. I guess I will just stick with that for now.

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Life in the City by the Bay.

Well, it has been five months since I moved to San Francisco. Time has passed by so quickly that I forget how I ended up here. So much has happened as well–it’s all been a blur.

Times are still rocky, but I am feeling more and more that this is my new home. I didn’t even realise I had been here for so long until a few weeks ago, when I took my first trip out of the city since August.

I have met a few people so far, but there are still so many people I haven’t met yet. I have become used to the sights and sounds though; I walk around the neighborhoods like I’ve lived here for years. It’s amazing to see how much a person can adjust to in such a short amount of time.

I watch myself kind of shedding away layers of my former self as the time goes by. For one, I seem to be growing distant from the J-music world. Sure, I still listen to a lot of J-music, but I don’t really care to keep up-to-date with the latest news anymore. I also find myself distancing from J-music fans…maybe I feel we can’t connect anymore due to how different our lives have become.

I guess this is how life goes–they say, as you grow older, you end up losing more and more friends until all you have left are your closest friends (and family, of course). I don’t mind that really. I find myself growing tired of trying to seek out too many people.