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Thai Tea Pearl.

I have been on a quest for a good yet cheap Thai Tea w/Tapioca Pearl (aka Thai Tea Boba). I first discovered this tasty boba flavor about a couple of months ago at a Vietnamese cafe in the Financial District. The tea was just the right sweetness and the pearls were plentiful. Unfortunately, the price made me gasp a little–$4.15 for the large. A little pricey…

So last week I decided I would go the cheap route and try Quickly’s Thai Tea to see if the cheap price of the drink was still worth it. I tried it–it tasted like it was just Milk tea, not actual Thai iced tea. Plus, the lid was hard to puncture through and it spilled on my jacket/jeans. Sigh. I guess it was good for $2.15, but I was disappointed with the flavor.

Yesterday I was in L.A. and ate Thai food for lunch. That restaurant was the first Thai restaurant that offered Thai Tea w/Boba, so I was excited. I ordered it and tried it–the drink was good, no doubt, but the tapioca was hard to get to because of the crushed ice (instead of cubed) that they used. Sigh. I was a little disappointed with that aspect since the pearls didn’t really go through the straw when I was still sipping the drink. The pearls ended up staying at the bottom of the cup, unable to escape the layer of crushed ice. I had to manually catch each tapioca pearl after I was finished with the Thai iced tea. Disappointment once again.

Oh well; I guess the Vietnamese cafe prices their pearl drinks that way because their drinks are a little more high quality. I guess I will just stick with that for now.