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Reality TV Celebrity-dom

So it seems like reality television is really riding on its high wave as of late. I know I am behind on the whole ‘trend’ but still–seems like every channel I click to, there’s at least one reality TV show going on, if not gazillions! It’s gotten to the point where I feel like the market has become super saturated–as much as all these TV networks want to make money off of new “shows” through this genre, I think they’re really running dry at this point.

I wonder how exactly one of those shows work. Obviously most of the shows are pre-taped so the editors/producers can extract only the juiciest/most interesting parts of reality. The people who sign up to participate–are they doing the show because they want some quick fame? It’s crazy–I’ve been following the show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” and…although I enjoy watching the show and have really become captivated by it, it amuses me how all the participants from the show are now all of the sudden super-celebrities (well, at least on the web). When will their 15 minutes of fame be up? It’s just insane to me–you do a dating show, but in the end, what do you get out of it and what was it that you sought before you joined? Fame? Or really, true love?

In some ways I guess I kind of want to be on a reality TV show, but in many other ways, I’m quite content being Ms. Anonymous to the world.