Welcome to September

Life has been quite a rollercoaster. How many times per year can I say that, though? Something always happens along the way…

The month of August was, in one word, overwhelming. Moving, changes, etc. I’m on the cusp of the start of graduate school now. One more week until classes, but just a few days until Orientation.

I remember this time last year when I had felt dismal about my future. Then, last September 9, I received my acceptance into the University of Denver. And from that point forward….I felt like, wow, what a dream.

And now that dream is here. I’m anxious about how this will all pan out. Of course there are fears. Will this bridge take me over to where I want to be in the end?

What I’ve learned in only the past week: life isn’t always as it seems. There are always gray spaces waiting to be discovered, if they are ever discovered. No one person can be defined by simple terms: everyone has their secrets. And what can we do? Love and accept them for who they are, because in the end, we are ALL imperfect. That is just how we are.