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Tapioca Tea at Golden Deer Restaurant.

In my epic quest to find the best tapioca tea out here in San Francisco/California, today my sister and I stopped in at a Vietnamese restaurant called Golden Deer in the Richmond district.

They had tapioca tea of course, and I decided I would try their red bean flavor. The tea came in a cute parfait glass with shredded ice on top; the bottom half of the drink was still warm (I’m guessing from the machine).

At first taste, I liked the red bean flavor, but after drinking the whole glass, I realized the tea was a bit too sweet. My sister tried the coconut flavor; it had a very authentic coconut flavor, but it too was a bit too sweet for us.

I guess if I were to give the tea/the restaurant a rating, I would say it was a 3/5. Not horrible, but not the best either.