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Stop; think.

Say you’re speeding along on a road, skipping a few stop signs here and there because you’re late for some sort of appointment/party/meet-up/etc. You’re racing the clock and you can’t be bothered with paying attention to traffic rules.

Say you’re a pedestrian walking along in your neighborhood, observing all the stop signs and making sure the coast is clear.

Suddenly, a car comes zooming out of nowhere and the driver neglects to stop for you.

You are the driver. You see the pedestrian one second too late.

The pedestrian is suddenly on top of your hood. And the pedestrian is no more.

Now, you think to yourself “Did I really need to be in a hurry to get to wherever I was going?”

Was it all worth killing someone over? Running over an innocent pedestrian?

Think about it next time you get into your car.