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It’s the first Monday back to work after five weeks of recovery and rest. Day by day, I continue to be in disbelief over the series of events that have occurred in the past month. Life is as it is, and many times we can’t fully explain if this is all real or just a hazy dream.

I’ve been in the process of rearranging things in my life, including my goals and my timeline. Sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy each moment; we’re always on the go to find the next best thing, impatient to have time pass by a lot faster.

It’s amazing to see how easy it is for people to brush off long absences from the Internet as just “a hiatus” and nothing more. People move on from the Internet and its amusements everyday; friends come and go even in the virtual world, as some find out that they would rather spend time building relationships in the real world than the virtual world. People move on; when an online friend disappears for a long time, you may just think “Well, they’ve moved on with their life and they have better things to do than the Internet.”

I wish I could say that the past month away from the Internet was just a simple hiatus, but it wasn’t. At the time being, I am not ready to disclose fully what had happened to me–the memories are still too fresh for me, as are the feelings that are brought up when I think about the incident and how my family suffered through that first week watching me as I teetered back to life after that near-death experience.

For now, though, I will distance myself from that situation and start back on my life, however normal it can be now. There’s a time for everything, and right now, the time is to focus on the present and moving forward.