change Work in Progress

Shaking up the routine.

Since Sunday, I’ve been working out of The Write-Brain Workbook, which I checked out from the library. I’ve had this book in my possession for a month and a half now, but only got the chance to actually peruse the book this week. I hadn’t been too familiar/enthusiastic about using workbooks/prompts (sometimes they don’t really help me anyway), but so far, all the exercises I have completed from this workbook have been enlightening and inspiring.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece that lasted more than the recommended ten minutes; I could have stayed writing much longer, but I had to cut it off at thirty minutes since I had to get ready for work. Soon, I’ll have to go back and add to it; it’s an interesting piece about sampling sodas at a fair in the middle of nowhere.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a lot of my daily life has become too routine and predictable, and I’m wanting something dynamic to either happen or for me to go and do something dynamic. I made some small “progress” towards changing things up this past weekend by amusingly buying completely different items for my weekly groceries (read my food blog post about this incident). A lot of my daily life does revolve around routine; we all go through it, I suppose. My schedule is like a ticking clock, constantly: this is when I’m supposed to eat, when I’m supposed to work, sleep, et. al…. It’s comfortable to have a routine, but sometimes, it also becomes mind-numbing.

So when things are shaken up, it gives new life to my days…although most of the time I end up feeling so tired/exhausted from the new adventures that I quickly return to my tried-and-true routine. I’m not sure why that’s the case; but right now, I am yearning for something different yet again.