funny observation

Artwork and Rain Boots.

Amidst the artwork and relics of Buddhism today, I was approached by two middle-aged men, peering down at my rain boots:

Man #1: Those are quite outrageous boots.
Me: (surprised by the compliment given at the museum) Why, thank you…
Man #2: Where did you buy them?
Me: Loehmann’s.
Man #1: Are they rain boots? What kind of material?
Me: (lifting up one pant leg to show the rest of the boot to them) I think they’re waterproof; rubber perhaps?
Man #2: Wow, they’re great! How much did they cost?
Me: Oh not too bad, maybe around $40 or so.

At the end of the short conversation, they just smiled and nodded at me and then walked on through to the other exhibits in the museum. I found the whole encounter amusing merely because it was a weird place to be looking at shoes.