Denver Life

Plummeting Temperatures

2014-01-07 07.06.26-1The weather has changed drastically this week in Denver (if you haven’t already noticed). On Monday, the day started off around the 50s-60s range; by the end of the day, we had plummeted to about 10 degrees. Today, the temperatures have hovered around 0 degrees with snow on the ground and icy conditions at night.

I am probably one of the few who actually enjoy this cooler weather: I get a mix of emotions when it comes to the seasons and the weather. In the wintertime, I get a little sad from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but then I also get really happy from the snow and the cooler temperatures. I was born in January, so I am naturally a winter person.

Today I had to go downtown for my Leads Group 7 meeting and I was so excited bundling up to go outside. I think the idea of bundling up to stay warm just generally excites me: getting to choose which sweater to wear, which jacket, which hat, how to wear everything, et. al. Maybe it’s just the fact that I get to play with my clothing choices a bit more that allows for me to enjoy wintertime.

Snow before Christmas is always a bit whimsical anyway: it evokes those images of hot cocoa, a warm fireplace, and carolers around town. One thing I am thankful for though: I am not driving in this weather (I don’t have a car of my own). Driving in snow is one of my bigger fears; kudos to those who are competent with winter driving!

The temperatures are supposed to stay cold through this weekend, and then it’s back up to a balmy 40 degrees for “normal” late autumn/early winter temperatures. I’ll take it; I’ve been ready for this weather the past several months.