#foodie Japan sweet treats

Mister Donut

I really love Mister Donut. I went last week to try out the donuts, and realized that the sweetness was rather mild in comparison to American donuts. Most people would probably find that unappealing, but I was elated to discover this. The donuts are lighter, fluffier; the sweetness is small yet satisfying.

Last week, I got a flier/promotional paper announcing Mister Donut’s “New Chocolate Fair”; apparently, this week, from today (April 16) until April 20, the four new chocolate donuts are specially priced at 100 yen each (normally, they sell for 136 yen each). How could I not pass up such a deal?

The four types of donuts are as follows: Regular Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Golden Chocolate, and Coconut. Today, I decided to go with Double Chocolate and Golden Chocolate. I tried the Golden first–I felt like I fell in love immediately. I’m actually not sure what’s sprinkled on the donut (maybe I don’t know the English word for it), but whatever it is, it makes this donut very unique and delicious. Mmm!

The double chocolate was decent; standard chocolate, although not as sweet as American donuts (don’t you love the constant comparisons?). I would have tried all four donuts in one sitting, but I didn’t want to look like a pig (I think ordering two donuts at once already makes me look like a pig in Japan).