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Japanese pastries.

On Saturday, I discovered the delicious smells and tastes of Japanese bakeries all over again. I had forgotten how convenient bakeries usually are in Japan; you walk in, take a tong and a plate, walk around and grab whichever baked goods you want with the tongs. No need to tell someone behind the counter what you want; just grab the pastries and pay up at the register.

Since I discovered this, I went a little overboard this morning with my treats. I actually had the “Mega Muffin” at McDonald’s beforehand, but I still craved something sweet. So I decided to stop by Bakery Crown on the way back to the apartment–went inside, found these treats, and bought them.

Turns out, four baked goods was probably way too much for my half-full stomach. The twist donut was so tasty; the chocolate croissant and the strawberry pastry were also very delectable. The remaining roll was actually filled with spinach, which I didn’t know when I bought it. It was still good as a “meal” roll; however, by the time I got to the fourth roll, I was feeling way too full. I probably should have just bought two, or even just one bread. Sigh…as the saying goes, “People eat with their eyes”; I felt overwhelmed with seeing all the available treats that I couldn’t narrow down my choices enough.