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Matcha Latte and a Danish.

Caffe Veloce in Tachikawa; for only the past couple of days, I have passed by this little caffe a few times to and from the station. After visiting some old haunts in Harajuku/Shibuya today, I decided to stop into Caffe Veloce and have myself a small treat and a drink.

This was my first time trying green tea/”matcha” latte in Japan. I’m sure the drink was around when I was in Japan two years ago, but I guess I didn’t take much interest in any tea drinks back then. Tasting the latte was a new experience for me; it tasted just like authentic green tea, with a hint of cream and milk. A little strong for any other Westerner, but I personally liked the taste.

The danish was standard, nothing special. Maybe a little less sweet than its Western counterparts. The Japanese are known to have milder flavors of a lot of Western foods/sweets, which I actually prefer a lot more. I don’t feel like I am getting diabetes from eating a Japanese sweet; when I eat sweets in the US, I sometimes feel like I may have to go to the hospital from the extreme sugar rush. Okay, perhaps that’s just an exaggeration, but I can’t help it when I say that most sweets/desserts in the US are TOO sweet for my liking.