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Another visit to Wired Cafe…

I woke up late today, had a small breakfast consisting of junk food from the convenience store. Had to wait around for the mailman so I could pick up an important package for myself; after receiving the package, I decided I would go out for some dessert.

I ventured all the way back to Wired Cafe to get free wireless and try out one of their desserts. This was the chocolate parfait; expensive (around 600 yen), yet it was so delicious anyway. Cornflakes, soft cream, chocolate drizzle, marshmallows…my mouth is just watering trying to re-live the experience.

It’s too bad that I am not staying anywhere close to Shinjuku; Tachikawa is 26 minutes from Shinjuku. A long and somewhat expensive train-ride; I am not aware of any free wireless spots in Tachikawa, so in order to get Internet working on my laptop, I have to come to Wired Cafe. I could use the Internet cafes in Tachikawa, but I really prefer using my laptop to access the Internet since my laptop has all the information I need.