My San Francisco Chronicles weather

"Heat Wave" in San Francisco.

Hmm, when I arrived back from Sacramento a couple days ago, I thought I was glad to be back in good ol’ San Franciscan weather (mostly 60-degree weather during the day, a little cooler during the nighttime). Well, when I stepped off the bus, I realized I felt pretty warm already, despite it being nighttime.

Yesterday, wasn’t outside too much, but I found the temperatures up in the 70s most of the day. Today, I worked outside, and man, despite the fact that it is only 78 degrees, for some reason I feel like that is too hot these days!

You don’t understand; I’ve dealt with more extreme weather in the past–been in negative degree weather in Montana, scorching, humid weather (up in the 90s and 100s) in Virginia–you’d think I would be able to handle this kind of weather here.

But it feels unusual, to have to walk outside with no jacket on here in the city. I guess we San Franciscans are too spoiled with our moderate weather year-round; winter rarely dips below 40 degrees, summer rarely goes above 70.

At least there’s still sunshine in this weather; makes good days for tanning (for those who enjoy it).