feelings My San Francisco Chronicles

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

So, back from my short trip out of San Francisco, and all I can say is that I feel relieved being back in my city. How did I come to this feeling? The feeling of home, of my “own” place, of independence? It’s so sweet I can taste it–just knowing that I walk this city because it’s my own, because it’s where I am and where I feel happiest right now.

Crossing over the Bay Bridge back into San Francisco last night was a euphoric feeling. I watched as we approached the city lights closer and closer and felt myself becoming more excited. How can I let this place go if it won’t let go of me? I predict at least another year left here, before I decide to embark on some travels.

Still, I feel like I probably can settle here and start my own family here eventually. Although San Francisco is a city (and cities are known for some rather unappealing things such as crime), I feel happy when I’m here, and I feel like it’s not so bad. There are many aspects of the city that I have discovered that I enjoy; and yet there are still many other aspects of the city I have yet to discover.

However I got this feeling, I hope it won’t ever stop.