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Daily Post Day 44: What’s My Age?

Today’s topic:

Have you ever lied about your age? Why?

Funny you ask me this. Because frankly I haven’t lied about my age before (I’m one of those overly honest people); instead, I have had ages dictated to me because of my appearance.

Once, my sister and I had gone into Applebee’s for dinner. The waitress immediately came up and asked us, “Want some Long Island Iced Teas?” At that point, we were only 15 years old (me) and 19 years old (my sister).

On my 21st birthday, I was elated that I could order my own alcoholic drink. I went out with my mom and sister for this momentous occasion. Our waiter? Didn’t even card me. Isn’t that illegal not to card even a legally-aged person?

Oh, and let’s not forget the times when I was mistaken as my niece’s and nephews’ mother. Different outings, but still the same outcome.

Stranger: “Hey, you guys are cute! Guess why? MOMMY!” (stranger points at me)

Me: ……..

Niece: “They’re silly! You’re not my mom! I’ll go tell them!”

Me: “No, that’s not necessary….”

So, despite the fact that I feel like I look my age (26 years old), I come off as being someone older, wiser, more mature. Not a bad thing at all, but it can be irritating sometimes.