Internet life

Daily Post Day 38: Life Without the Internet

I wonder if any of us (who’ve grown up with the Internet) could live without it.

Ask me if I could live without the Internet.


Yes and no (I tend to answer this way a lot).

YES, I can live without the Internet because it distracts me to no end to get things done both on/off the computer. If I didn’t have Internet, I would certainly accomplish more tasks and stuff-I-want-to-do than aimlessly surfing the web for random tidbits.

NO, I can’t live without the Internet…for the fact that it keeps me connected to many people who are not physically close by. Text messaging/SMS has become more prevalent in US culture in the past ten years, but I’d rather not be charged money for an international text if I can just easily message a friend online.

Then again, I wonder….if we didn’t have the Internet, would I still even remember some people from my past?