Who I Am

Daily Post Day 11: I want to be remembered for…

(Wow, already 11 days into 2011….it’s that “magical” day of the year, out of several!)

Today’s prompt asks what I want to be remembered for.

Back in late September/early October, I helped one of my close friends do a project for her graduate studies. She asked me to picture my own funeral, and, well, it was certainly a cathartic moment for me.

This was one of the questions asked during her project: “What do you want others to say about you at your funeral?”

So it goes along the same lines of this prompt.

I want to be remembered for my kindness/selflessness/carefree outlook. Over the course of my young life, I’ve heard others say that they feel drawn to me for some energy that I emanate; even perfect strangers approach me to ask for directions here in SF because they say “you seem like a kind person”.

It’s a good thing to be remembered for, to shine forth unintentionally in many ways.